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Monday 21 November 2022

Monday's Long Song

I missed out on Sault when they first started putting out releases in 2019 and I enjoyed Nine last year but didn't fully connect with it or feel like I really got to know it. The longer it went on, the bigger the back catalogue felt and the more I felt like I'd never catch up. When Air came out this year I downloaded it and went out for a walk with it in my headphones and didn't click with it at all. A couple of weeks ago they dropped five albums onto the internet for free- I've not even started on them yet. 

In between, on 10th October, they released an album called 10 consisting of one single song, a ten minute and ten seconds long song called Angel. It is a superb piece of music, three songs in one- the first part is reggae, rumbling bass, squealing guitar notes, lots of space and a righteous vocal (courtesy of Chronixx). Female backing vox join in singing, 'run to save your life', before at three minute thirty it suddenly drops out and becomes a piano ballad/ hymn. At six minutes forty it shifts gear again, spoken word eventually joined by acoustic guitar, the player's fingers moving up and down the strings clearly audible. 'Go gently and find your way', the narrator advises and and gives way to another singer and gentle blues guitar.



thewalker said...

Wildfires, a direct response to George Floyd & very much a protest song, fierce with it. Deep & graceful, worth a listen & I'm keen to hear your thoughts:

It's the Sault that gets most repeats for me.

The Swede said...

I haven't heard anything by Sault since those earliest releases of 2019 & 2020, but Angel is excellent so I obviously need to do some serious catching up. Wildfires is also great, thanks for sharing that one thewalker.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes, that's very good indeed- very powerful, quietly furious. Love the bassline too

John Medd said...

Fits the MLS slot perfectly. Another great photograph btw; I can send you a great photobook link if you like - I've just done a few hardback copies of my Home Ales Building collection I'm hawking at a local indie trader's fair in a couple of weeks.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks John, that'd be good

Anonymous said...

Love that! Also have just had a listen to Wildfires and a few more - I’ve got a lot to look forward to, delving in to their back catalogue over the next few days so thank you

Khayem said...

No surprise to anyone that's visited my blog that I love SAULT. thewalker is spot on about Wildfires, which pretty much applies to the whole of the Untitled (Black Is) album.

Of the half dozen releases in 2022 (!), the AIR and AIIR albums are the ones I've listened to the least, mainly because they play more like CVs for prospective soundtrack commissioners.

Hard to pick a favourite of the rest, but I'm particularly enjoying Today & Tomorrow's use of a kids chorus throughout.

Cleo Sol's vocals are divine throughout and I'd also recommend her solo albums, both produced by Inflo. I posted a Sol/SAULT selection (including Wildfires) earlier this year, which originally started out as a prospective ICA for The Vinyl Villain.


Adam Turner said...

I remember now you posted a Sault selection and made a mental note to go back to it. Thanks Khayem.