Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Tuesday 1 November 2022


Mark Peters, guitarist/ multi- instrumentalist from the Wigan area, had a beautiful album out a few years ago called Innerland (follow by Ambient Innerland and then a remixes album called Routes Out Of Innerland too). Innerland was an album of guitar led instrumentals that sounded like windswept moorlands in the north west of England, captured as autumn turns to winter when dusk hits in late afternoon. 

Mark's new album, Red Sunset Dreams, came out recently and suggests more of the same but transplanted slightly further afield than West Lancashire, into the American West. On two of the songs Mark asked Dot Allison to add vocals- Sundowner and the previously posted Switch On The Sky. On Red Sunset Dreams there is banjo, pedal steel and ukulele as well as the guitars and synths. And on new single Sundowning there are a pair of Richard Norris remixes, one with drums and one without, that relocate Mark's music from Wigan and Arizona to the Balearics. Utterly gorgeous, slightly forlorn, floaty ambience. Buy it at Bandcamp.


Rickyotter said...

Loved the Innerland series of albums - the idea of naming all the tracks after locations gave it a real sense of place, so really excited to hear this. Add in the prospect of Dot Allison and some Norris remixes and this is heading into the essential category

Khayem said...

I first heard the Richard Norris remixes at the weekend. I love the original version as it is, the remix is wonderful but inexplicably the beatless, ambient version was the final push over the edge for me. I could just listen to those on repeat for an hour and I'd be in a happy state.