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Thursday 5 January 2023

Bewitched By The Flames

This came out last October, I missed it until December and then only really recognised its peculiar brilliance very late on at the tail end of last week/ last year. Eyes Of Others are Edinburgh based and recently signed to Heavenly. This 10", now sold out, is led by Well Thumbed Letters, a fast paced, leftfield rhythmic piece of music, post- pub music for people who couldn't get into the club (as Eyes Of Others describe their music). 

Buy the digital EP at Bandcamp and take a look at Elevenses from May 2021 too- highly recommended, atmospheric, melancholic and catchy too, drum machines, dub basslines, post- punk keyboards and synths and doleful vocals- think early New Order, Fun Boy 3 and The Beta Band with Sherwood at the controls. 


The Swede said...

I listened to Well-Thumbed Letters and, to be quite honest, didn't get much from it. Then headed over to Bandcamp to check out Elevenses, which I enjoyed tremendously. Thinking I must surely have missed something, I then doubled back to Well-Thumbed Letters which, second time round, made a lot more sense. Back over at Bandcamp I then played the excellent I See You In The Shrubs, which you've featured here before. By this point everything is sounding really great in a minimal, soporific, Arthur Russell kind of way. Long story short, I've just purchased the 10" of Bewitched by the Flames from Discogs and also splashed out for one of the remaining copies of I See You in the Shrubs from Bandcamp. This is insane, I've only been home from work for 45 minutes!

Swiss Adam said...

Ha, that's excellent Swede. Now step away from the computer for a while while your credit card cools down.

The Weatherall remix of Shrubs was my way in but I've been playing Elevenses loads this week on my commute and it sounds superb.