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Friday 6 January 2023

Naiad/ Dryad

Something else from last year that I missed and have only just caught up with, to go with yesterday's Eyes Of Others 10" single, is this four track release of deep ambient dub from London duo Good Block. There are two tracks on the 12", Naiad and Dryad, each one in two versions. 

Naiad bounces along on a rubbery bassline with harmonica samples and twinkling piano, digital dub par excellence heading into Balearic dub territory. 

Dryad opens up slowly, tribal sounds and percussion, sparser sounding, dub bass and nods to the sounds of African Head Charge. Two minutes in the skanking up the tempo slightly, with vocal samples riding on top, before the long slow groove through to the end. Ideal for a miserable Friday in January.

The 12" is sold out- it came out in July last year and was limited to three hundred copies- but the EP is available digitally at Bandcamp

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