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Sunday 1 January 2023


On New Year's Day 2010 I started Bagging Area- which has made it very easy to remember when the blog's birthday is if nothing else. Today the blog enters its teenage years, thirteen years old. There are several songs titled for what is often seen as the unluckiest number.

Big Star's Thirteen from 1972 is a celebration of teenage love. 'Won't you let me walk you home from school', it begins, the ache and pain of young love perfectly captured by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell.


Big Audio Dynamite's V Thirteen is from 1987, co-written with Joe Strummer who also produced the album it came from (Number 10 Upping Street, according to Joe, the home of 'an alternative, funky Prime Minister'). V. Thirteen's lyrics take in all sorts of stuff, not least Little Jamie who writes 'V 13'- I've always assumed this means writes as in graffiti- my copy of the 12" came with a stencil for spraying V. 13 onto walls and other surfaces, still unused. V. Thirteen is one of B.A.D.'s finest moments.

V. Thirteen

Teenage Fanclub released an entire album titled Thirteen, released in 1992 following the flush of fame that Bandwagonesque brought. Inevitably it felt like a bit of a slump, the songs not quite up to par, many being fragments and leftovers from 1991/2. The experience of making it wasn't a happy one for the group, it dragged on and became hard work. Drummer Brendan O'Hare left after they toured the album. Time has been fairly kind to Thirteen I think, it sounds pretty good today, just not a great step on in any way. One of the key songs was 120 Minutes, a Raymond McGinley song, which the group recorded acoustically for their Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It EP, released in 1995

120 Minutes (Acoustic)

Andrew Weatherall's 2016 solo album Convenanza included a song called Thirteenth Night. The album was a wide ranging affair, spanning post- punk/ punk funk trumpets and featured Weatherall's vocals on many of the songs including references to writers Hans Fallada and Robert Walser (Fallada wrote Alone In Berlin, the true story of a German couple who leave a series of handwritten postcards around Berlin during the Nazi years attacking the regime and who then become involved in a deadly cat and mouse game with the Gestapo). Thirteenth Night was a slightly melancholic instrumental. For the remix album that followed- Consolamentum- Thirteenth Night was remixed by Andrew's Asphodell's bandmate and studio engineer Timothy J. Fairplay. The Asphodells' steam powered drum machine makes a welcome appearance.  

Thirteenth Night (Timothy J. Fairplay remix)


Ernie Goggins said...

Happy 13th. Looking forward to lots of sulking and sarcastic eye-rolling.

Charity Chic said...

I'm looking forward to reaching 13 if only to feature Big Star!
Happy Blog Birthday and a Happy New Year to you Adam

Jake Sniper said...

13 in human or blog years, many happy returns. Thank you for a the sharing. ❤️✊️

Anonymous said...

Happy 13th birthday; seems I started just six weeks after you.

John Medd

C said...

Happy 13th blog birthday SA, huge admiration to you for the daily posts. Great choices, especially Big Star. Setting aside the teenage strops, I think of thirteen as an age for exploration and thrilling new experiences, I feel sure that Bagging Area will be the same!

Nick L said...

Happy blog birthday...there are less that I visit quite so regularly now but Bagging Area still looms large. Well done Adam.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks all. Let the sulking/ eye rolling/ strops/ exploration and new experiences begin!

Echorich said...

Happy Thirteenth Anniversary Adam! Bagging Area is one of the reasons I took the plunge to irregularly post my own thoughts on the Interweb. Your blog, along with JC's TVV/T(n)VV, Post Punk Monk and a few few other's created a real community of sound, ideas and feelings that, I feel, many can't do without.
I took time away from regular posting and contributing for the majority of 2022, but feel the need to rejoin the space I've always felt so welcomed in.
Happy, healthy and loving New Year to you and you'rs Adam!

Michael Doherty said...

To 13 more!

Khayem said...

Happy 13th anniversary, Adam. It's one heck of an achievement on so many levels. Thanks for sharing your journey, it's been an education and a privilege. Here's to the future!

Swiss Adam said...

Welcome back Echorich, good to hear from you

Rol said...

Belated blog-birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

Another inspiration happy blog birthday Adam. Swc.

JC said...

I feel bad.

Firstly, for being poorly and not really up to reading blogs for the past few weeks and missing this significant posting.

Secondly, by adding these words. I'm taking away the perfect symmetry of there being 13 comments.

Congrats. But now that it is a teen, I hope this blog doesn't suddenly transform into something surly, uncommunicative and unpredictable. Leave that to football managers under pressure.