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Sunday 28 May 2023

Forty Minutes Of Hypnotone

Last week Khayem at Dubhed posted a recreated 1997 mixtape which included a Hypnotone remix of The Lilac Time's Dreaming, a remix that did not go down well with Stephen Duffy at the time but as Khayem points out is 'pretty close' to 'Hypnotone's high water mark remix of Sheer Taft's Cascades (that remix of Cascades is a desert island disc for me). The post sent me into the Hypnotone's back catalogue and today's mix is the result, forty minutes of Hypnotone remixes and their own material to light up Sunday. 

Hypnotone were Tony Martin, a Manchester producer with Martin Mittler (bassist from Intastella and Laugh) and later Cordelia Ruddock (who Tony discovered at a fashion show). Hypnotone signed to Creation which led to work with Primal Scream and The Lilac Time, both Creation acts at the time. Their self- titled mini album from 1990 is a lost gem, an early 90s time capsule. 

Forty Minutes Of Hypnotone

  • Dream Beam (Ben Chapman Remix)
  • Hypnotonic
  • Atlantis (Hypnotone Edit)
  • Dreaming (Hypnowah Remix)
  • Dreaming (Wave Station Remix)
  • Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)
  • Come Together (HypnotoneBrainMachineMix)
  • Electraphonic

Dream Beam was the debut release, a 1990 12" on Creation from that point where Alan McGee wanted Creation to be a dance label and briefly did it very well indeed. The much missed Denise Johnson is on vocals, 'feel so high', sung over chilled dance bleepy house. I saw Hypnotone play live at Sefton Park in Liverpool in the summer of 1990, this track floating over the lake in the summer darkness, everyone very chilled as Denise's voice rang out. It was remixed twice, once by Danny Rampling and once by Ben Chapman, the latter being the pick of the pair for me, perfect 1991 dance music. The robotic voice repeating 'hypnotise us... hypnotise us...' is very hypnotic and as the track comes to a close the collapse into the final vocal message, 'I don't know if I'll ever see you again...' is a blast.

Hypnotonic, all piano house, rattling 808s and a very early 90s rap courtesy of Carlos (2 Supreme), was a 1991 single was recorded at Out Of The Blue in Manchester, a studio in the then semi- derelict Ancoats area, now part of the ever growing regeneration of central Manchester.  

Atlantis was a 1991 12" single by Sheer Taft, remixed by Tony. The Hypnotone remix of Cascades, also from 1991, is a genuine classic of the era, a record that was big everywhere from Ibiza to Manchester and in between. It appeared on the Creation dance compilation Keeping The Faith which is a definitive document of a time. 

Dreaming was a 1991 single by The Lilac Time, a pair of remixes that sound great today, dubby Balearic house- why Stephen Tin Tin Duffy didn't like it is a mystery. 

Come Together, Primal Scream's second Screamadelica- era single, is better known in its Weatherall and Farley remix forms but the Hypnotone remix is a belter too, harder and faster, distorted voices, thumping 808 kick drums, horns, bubbling bass, everything piling up in an ecstatic rush. It was on Keeping The Faith and released as a white label 12" along with the fourth and largely missed BBG remix of Come Together. Tony co- produced the cover of Slip Inside This House that appears on Scremadelica too. 

Electraphonic was on the second Hypnotone album, Ai, released in November 1991. 


Walter said...

Another great work for Sunday, Adam. More than the half of the mix is new to me but I enjoyed. Thanks for this.

Khayem said...

A superb mix there, Adam, I love(d) Hypnotone. If I remember correctly, Stephen Duffy view of the remixes of Dreaming was that it was nothing new and he’d been doing that kind of thing years ago.

Hypnotone’s contributions to Keeping The Faith are a big part of why it’s such a brilliant compilation.

Speaking of which, the blogosphere has aligned and in another example of synchronicity, my blog post and selection today were coincidentally inspired by and name check one of your previous mixes…!

Swiss Adam said...

That's ace Khayem, love it when these coincidental blog crossovers happen.

John Medd said...

Superb stuff. And another striking image. When you do your DJ set(s) have you thought about slide-showing your photographs behind you? Or maybe you already do, I don't know.

Swiss Adam said...

I don't but that's a good idea John

jesseblack said...

Had not heard much of this at all. Thanks to you and Khayem. That Come Together mix, and the basic Hypnotone sound running through a lot of these, actually gave me a Proustian taste of a crushed up tablet.