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Wednesday 3 May 2023

Up Past The Nursery

When I've got my head back together, no easy task given the excitement and excesses of the weekend, composed myself and the dust has settled I'll write a fuller account of AW60 at The Golden Lion on Saturday night and Sunday. Suffice to say, it was the best of times in the best pub in the world with the nicest people and the best crowd to play music to and in Richard and Gig the best and most generous hosts. 

This track, an Ivan Smagghe remix of Canadian band Suuns from 2013, was played at some point in the afternoon (by Dan) and sounded superb. I was playing it at home recently and made a mental note to post it here so Dan's selection of it was a good prompt. Up Past The Nursery opens with an odd, trippy vocal humming over a single drumbeat, lots of reverb and then a ticking hi hat and a single guitar line- a masterclass in understated tension being built. An isolated voice sings, a little tense and nervous, as the drum continues to thump away and the guitar line repeats itself, all very hypnotically.

Up Past The Nursery (Ivan Smagghe Remix)

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