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Thursday 4 May 2023


David Harrow's back story goes way back to the early 80s and his work with Anne Clark followed by time served with among others Jah Wobble, On U Sound, Psychic TV and Andrew Weatherall. In the 90s he moved to Los Angeles and found a second (or maybe third musical life) as James Hardway while penning Billie Ray Martin's Your Loving Arms. His releases in recent years take in ambient and dub, modular synths and deep bass.

His latest release is a two track EP for Mighty Force, two pieces of sweet sounding electronic grooves in a space somewhere between dub, acid and techno. Jitter is a five minute slice of dark dub grooves that twist and turn, never quite doing what you think it might. Quite jittery in fact but deeply rewarding too, music to get lost in. Jitter is followed by '97, a six and half minute dubbed out ride with squiggly bass, echoic synth sounds, clicking percussion and some real bounce to the rhythm. Jitter can be bought at Mighty Force's Bandcamp page. 

Slipping back three and a half decades, Anne Clark's Sleeper In Metropolis, with David's spectacular analogue keyboards and synths, electronic drums and Anne's conversational/ spoken word vocal was recorded in 1985 and sounds utterly contemporary.


Peter W said...

If you haven't heard it already, I'd highly recommend David's Down by the River album which came out last year.

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, got it, a wonderful album

JC said...

Not really my cup of Earl Grey......but that's a really great piece of writing. Once again, you shame and show up those who get paid for their contributions to music journalism.