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Monday 3 July 2023

Monday's Long Song

One of the songs Sean Johnston expertly wove into his ALFOS set at The Golden Lion last Saturday was this 1982 classic from Arthur Baker and Donnie Colvin, Walking On Sunshine by Rockers Revenge (an Eddy Grant cover). Walking On Sunshine is post- disco/ early electro/ freestyle, a song which has New York running through its grooves like the writing in a stick of Blackpool rock. Jellybean Benitez was involved in the final mixing of Baker's production and Colvin's vocals. The full length 12" version is nine minutes and thirty seconds of effortless, genre busting early 80s fun, making the long trip from the streets of NYC in 1982 to a pub in the Calder Valley in 2023

Walking On Sunshine


Nick L said...

Great to hear this again, the sound of summer 82 when I was a 14 year old post punk fan. The notion that we just listened to guitar music is just plain wrong, the possibilities were (almost) endless.

jesseblack said...

Are there any video clips of the crowd dancing to this?

Swiss Adam said...

Ha ha. Indeed there are Jesse.