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Wednesday 12 July 2023

Viper Patrol And The Machine Soul

These two tracks are both recent releases, one from Duncan Gray's Tici Taci label, the other from John Paynter's Paisley Dark. They inhabit a similar space and when burning a CD of recent music to listen to in the car on my commute they ended up next to each other- and they work together very well. The fact that the artist's names rhyme just adds to them being connected for me. 

Viper Patrol are on Tici Taci, a label celebrating it's first decade this year. Not Of This World is slinky, chuggy techno/ sci fi/ disco, a spaceship of a track. The bassline bumps away beautifully, an acidic squiggle burbles around the mid- range and the synth melody dances around on top.  There's an alternate version too, the Rule Six Glitterball Mix, which makes it all sleeker. 

The Machine Soul's Engineered State is at out now on Paisley Dark, the original mix plus four remixes. This one, the UFO Club Remix, gets down to brass tacks immediately, with thumping kick drum, bubbling bass, twinkling melody lines and a serious acid/ techno edge. 

The original mix is a winner too, hitting in from the off and building, insistent and hypnotic synth sounds, repetitive, entrancing dark cosmic disco- it and the other remixes (courtesy of Hogt I Tak, Ian Vale and Jay-Son) can be found at Bandcamp


Robert Folkesson said...

Thank you for the nice writeup - very happy you liked it! Cheers Robert - The Machine Soul

Swiss Adam said...

Gad you liked it, thanks for popping in