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Monday 24 July 2023

Monday's Long Song

Today is the first day proper of my summer holiday, six weeks off work. To celebrate, some rocking dub from Justin Robertson. He's recently made several EPs of music available at his Bandcamp page including a new EP titled Sticky Web. The lead track is this one, Sticky Web Of Happy Spiders, seven minutes and forty seconds of bouncing bass, skanking rhythms, splinters of guitar and organ bouncing in and out of the mix and voices talking about spiders, webs and forests. Chugging and deeply dubby stuff from Mr Robertson and his Deadstock 33s. The three track Sticky Web EP is here


Ernie Goggins said...

Happy hols. Enjoy your well-earned break.

Anonymous said...

I was sure thus was gonna be his new 24 minute ambient one!

Swiss Adam said...
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Swiss Adam said...

Haven't heard the new 24 minute one- a future Monday perhaps!

Thanks Ernie.