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Saturday 23 September 2023

Saturday Live

Lost Village is a small festival in the woods in wildest Lincolnshire. Four Tet played there this summer, as he has done before. He's been playing enormodomes in the US recently along with Skrillex and Fred Again, which didn't look like it was up my alley at all, gigantic crowds and DJ sets with huge drops and rebuilds. His set at Lost Village though is a different animal, still full of crowd pleasing moments but on a much smaller, more intimate scale. The full two hours is at Soundcloud, freshly uploaded a week ago and a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, the ebb and flow of tracks and FX, rhythms and sounds constantly being tinkered with, the cutting between and layering tracks over each other, the long transitions and segues, the music always moving forwards. The appearance of LFO, early 90s bleep techno at its best at forty minutes is a superbly worked moment. 

Earlier this year Four Tet released a single track called Three Drums, eight minutes of classic Keiran Hebden. It starts in a fairly non- descript way, a slow beat and hissing hi hats and washes of synth but as it unfolds it takes on all kinds of new sounds and shapes, the synths becoming a wall of colours, stopping and starting again- his DJ set above in miniature. Really beguiling stuff. 

Three Drums


thewalker said...

I'm the same, re stadiums, really thrilled with KH's evolution though. and this set is divine.

Anonymous said...

Were you a fan of Fridge Adam, his post rock guitar outfit?

blureu said...

Thanks! Recently found two Four Tet used CDs (Ringer & Morning/Evening) and became a quick fan.

Swiss Adam said...

Anon- I've got a Fridge album, haven't played it for years. Liked it (from memory)

Blureu- Morning/Evening is a real Four Tet favourite of mine, beautiful music