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Tuesday 12 September 2023


This is brand new from Roger Eno and ahead of an album in October called The Skies They Shift Like Chords... Tidescape is minimal and for want of a better description ambient/ neo- classical, a four minutes forty seconds meditation on staring out at the sea, led by Jon Goddard's ringing guitar high note and a low key bed of other instruments- I can hear an organ and a clarinet I think, maybe something else too. It comes with a video that has slow moving, grainy footage of an empty beach at sunset, a dilapidated pier, and the sand and sky a blurry wash of browns and greys with the faintest hint of sunshine as a pale yellow horizon. If you're anything like me you may find it all profoundly melancholic but it does also manage to leave you feeling ok. I think.

Roger's brother Brian also has a slow moving, melancholic, ambient track inspired by the endless flux of the beach, this one from the soundtrack to Derek Jarman's Jubilee in 1978. 

Dover Beach 


Martin said...

I rather like that. Both melancholic and feeling okay is exactly right too.

John Medd said...

What Martin said.