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Sunday 10 September 2023

The Second Mission

Back in April the northern chapter of The Flightpath Estate DJ team (me, Martin and Dan) played records for six hours on a Sunday afternoon and evening at Blossom Street Social in Ancoats. We're back there today for The Second Mission, starting at 2pm and ploughing on through until we run out of records/ Sunday night dread kicks in/ public transport issues take over. If you're in the Manchester area and fancy dropping in to hear some music- inspired by but not limited to the sounds of Andrew Weatherall- come down, say hello, have a cold drink and enjoy some of this September sunshine. You can see how many mistakes we make as well- last time I played at least two records at the wrong speed. The six hour set in April was recorded live and is on Mixcloud, having been played 424 times to date (and I don't think the three of us account for that many of those plays). It starts with the trippy backwards magnificence of David Holmes' remix of Andy Bell's The Sky Without You and winds its way through ambient, dub, Balearic, cosmische, various Weatherall tunes, some Sunday afternoon diners friendly glitchy techno, New Order, The Clash and Echo And The Bunnymen before winding up with Carly Simon. My account of it is here

A more professional two hours of expertly selected and sequenced music is available courtesy of David Holmes and his monthly God's Waiting Room show at NTS. The September edition went out a few days ago and can be found here

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blureu said...

Thanks for the David Holmes tip. Have never heard his show and it's sounding great.