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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Test Card Girl

This is new from Stretford's Psychederek, a £1, four minute autumnal wonder. Test Card Girl starts out with a drumbeat and faint wash of synth and builds very gradually, with whispers, wobbles and echoes fading in slowly, then noises and waves swelling before it all falls away to leave just a lone trumpet part. Then the drum kicks back in and a female vocal part wanders on in top in a way which is uplifting and quite moving. The ending with trumpet, telephone bleeps and a sudden cut off is pretty magical too. Buy it at Bandcamp


bluebetty44 said...

Hi there .... thanks for introducing me to this track.
Absolutely love it.
Vocals remind me a wee bit of Liz Fraser, which is always good ..

Swiss Adam said...

Definitely a touch of Liz Fraser in it