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Tuesday 24 October 2023


The Leftfield mix I posted on Sunday sent me back to Renegade Soundwave, digging out their records and CDs. The Leftfield remix of Renegade Soundwave, included in my mix, caused a little bit of internet excitement with Jesse leaving the following comment on social media - 'The RSW remix is the greatest remix of all time, and maybe the best electronic club track ever. To do that much with only the dynamics - the build, the tension, the power - it's just sublime. There's hardly anything to the track, musically, maybe 2 and a half riffs, and it manages to be hairs-on-end thrilling from start to finish'. As a result I thought I should post the remix in its own right so we can all appreciate its magnificence. 

Renegade Soundwave (The Leftfield Remix)

There's no denying its got as much oomph, as much taut energy and sonic thump as anything else from the period. The first two minutes build to the sonic equivalent of a dam breaking as the beat kicks in- after that they keep it going, a torrent of Leftfield and RSW combined.

While I think about putting together a forty minute Renegade Soundwave mix here's another of their finest moments, Thunder from 1990. A high pitched string stab, some wobbly guitar, a breakbeat the size of Brixton and a bassline that does indeed sound like thunder. Crunchy industrial dub for a Tuesday during the October half term holiday.  



blureu said...

nice! Excited for that future mix too.

Anonymous said...

I assume the Chemicals heard thunder once or twice during their apprenticeship

Swiss Adam said...

I'd be very surprised anonymous if they hadn't heard it/ played it

Rickyotter said...

I said it on Sunday and I'll say it again. That Leftfield mix of RSW is one of my favourite records of all time - genuinely thrilling