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Tuesday 31 October 2023

You've Got To Let Go

This summer sounding house track came my way courtesy of Cal Gibson, whose Secret Soul Society have featured here previously a couple of times. You've Got To Let Go is by Pilots Of Peace, all sunshine and holidays, with skippy house drums, pianos, a happy go lucky feel and a sense that all could be right with the world if we just leaned in and listened to each other. It's out on French label Citizens Of Vice- releasing it in late October rather than early August seems counter- intuitive but given that the leaves have only just started to turn orange and brown everything seems a little off at the moment. Feel good and smile inducing music. There's an EP, Drop The Pilot, here.

Also out on Citizens of Vice is Meraki, a six track compilation EP at Bandcamp. Meraki starts out with some gorgeous, weightless ambience from Mass Density Human and follows it with Crooked Man's deep and dubbed out Illyiran Song, seven minutes of absorbing and entrancing music. 

Sons Of Dub's Sons Of Dub comes next, a disorienting and head spinning way to spend four minutes of listening time. With three more tracks, one each from Lanowa, Offshore And Coen and Stacattoman, Meraki is a high quality, value for money EP. Meraki is a Greek word that does not translate into English well but is something like this- 'you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do... to put a little bit of yourself into something'.


Walter said...

Both are new to me and both are fantastic. A perfect sound when autumn comes alnong. Thank you for introducing me, Adam

Secret Soul Society said...

Gracias Adam: much appreciated!

jesseblack said...

Second Walter -- thanks for flagging these Adam. Will put them in the cart.