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Tuesday 16 August 2022

Dark Farfisa

This came my way last week, a new release on Glasgow's 12th Isle label from Bruxula- an echo- drenched guitar, lovely descending bassline, house rhythms and a vocal from Brazillian singer Jerusa Leao. 12th Isle have been putting out electronic based records since 2016, and have a free flowing, borderless approach to their releases, described by one of the label's founders Fergus Clark as 'otherworldly and... escapist'. This EP, Dark Farfisa, typifies that. 

Bruxula is Cosmic JD, from Toronto, Canada with Jerusa Leao and a song, Palo Mo, that crosses the boundaries between club music for dancing and home music for listening with ease, slightly tripped out and with a very seductive groove. The EP is available at Bandcamp, digital and vinyl, out in full at the end of the month. Buy here


Walter said...

Never heard before but a song that I can't out of my mind. Thank your for introducing Adam

Khayem said...

I agree with Walter, a real earworm. The Bandcamp link also led to some further interesting sounds on the Ramzi label which, like 12th Isle, I'm not at all familiar with so thanks for sharing this, Adam.