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Friday 19 August 2022

Fast Car

These owl bird scarers don't work. The pigeons realise that they're inanimate and no threat and stroll around doing whatever they please. I like the look of them though, peering out down the valley to the Atlantic.

More late 80s/ early 90s action following Wednesday's L.U.P.O. post and yesterday's triple hip house selection and some more 80s dancehall reggae after last week's Barrington Levy post. In 1989 Foxy Brown covered Fast Car, a dancehall take on Tracy Chapman's 1988 smash hit, a livelier, vibrant version with a clattering drum track, keyboard stabs and cool vocal. 

Fast Car


dan said...

I was at a Don Letts set last night, and he played this! **twilight zone theme kicks in**

Adam Turner said...

Love it when blogposts and real life coincide like that