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Saturday 6 August 2022

Saturday Theme Twenty

Two minutes and nine seconds of fuzz guitar and motorcycle engines from 1966, courtesy of Dave Allen And The Arrows. Dave Allen, fuzz guitarist, worked on the soundtracks of various teen and biker movies in the 60s, including The Wild Angels, the Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra film from which Andrew Weatherall took the famous sample that opens Primal Scream's Loaded (but that's another story).

Dave plugged his Fender Jazzmaster into a Mosrite Fuzzrite to make his guitar sound like a motorbike. In 1966 he had a regional hit in Texas and Ohio with Theme From The Wild Angels, retitled Blue's Theme in 1967 and re- released. Blue's Theme has more fuzz per square inch than any other record from that time, Link Wray included. It is fuzz incarnate, a surf/ garage/ psyche crossover that reeks of engine fumes, leather and grease. 

Blue's Theme


Charity Chic said...

Well that woke me up!

Swiss Adam said...

A song to jolt you into Saturday

C said...

Fuzzy fabulousness!

Khayem said...