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Thursday, 28 July 2011

En Vacances

By the time you read this we should be on the road, off on our summer holiday. Having read Drew's description of his French debacle last summer we thought long and hard and decided... to drive to France. We're staying in a small house in the village of Chateauponsac, north of Limoges. It's about three quarters of the way down France, in the middle. You can't miss it. So, off we go, Dover today, ferry tomorrow morning, various letters in two languages to explain the large quantity of medicines we're carrying from one country to another (for our eldest I.T., who has a variety of medical issues), a shops worth of car sweets (which will probably be gone by Knutsford), hundreds of Earl Grey tea bags (Mrs Swiss likes a cup of tea), many multi-bags of prawn cocktail crisps (I.T. again, limited diet, God knows what he'll eat in France once the Walkers run out), several cds I've made for the long road trip which will contain next to nothing young E.T. will like, and as many clothes as we can fit in what's left of the boot space. We're not ones to pack lightly, but will most likely bring back half of it unworn. I'm really looking forward to it- the last few weeks have been a bit heavy for one reason or another and getting away to a small French village with plenty of sunshine should be great. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

After tomorrow night's rockabilly post there won't be any action here at Bagging Area until the middle of August. Here's a song to send us on our way- in 2007 Paul Weller and ex-Blur guitarist Graham Coxon released a one-off, limited 7" three track single. The A-side was this song, a rollicking guitar tune with Coxon on vox and making the best of both men's talents.


art dept said...

Have a great time, bon voyage!

Dirk said...

Yeah, have fun down there, all of you .... and enjoy the wine!

davyh said...

This'll be the first year in four we haven't made that journey, and I shall miss the French countryside if not the hours on the autoroute. Have a great time et bonne route!

Anonymous said...

bonne vacance


Mondo said...

We haven't been to France for a few years - were thinking of Le Touquet, but have plumped for Bournemouth. Have a good one mate. I can never get my scheduler to work..

drew said...

I will tell you about the in-laws 'mare once you get back. Suffice to say I hope have you none of the shit that they have had over there.

Mond - I used to love Bournemouth as a kid, if we weren't in Cornwall we were there. I think my parents wanted to get as far away from Scotland as possible for 2 weeks.