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Saturday, 16 July 2011

End Of The Road

New Order appear to be at the very end of the road. Peter and Bernard, friends since the 1960s, have had enough of each other. From an interview published yesterday-

Peter Hook 'The truth is Bernard's a twat and he always has been'

Bernard Sumner 'We've spent all our life as an outfit with principles and ideals and what Peter has done goes against everything we've stood for'

Stephen Morris 'There's no future for New Order. It's hard to draw a line under everything, but I think we have to.'

Gillian Gilbert 'One of them vomited on the table tennis table.' (This quote isn't actually about the band but I didn't want to leave Gillian out. She's been left out too often since the late 90s reformation.)

The details seem to centre around Peter Hook buying the rights to the name The Hacienda without telling the others, and performing Joy Division albums in their entirety and releasing cover e.p.s with a variety of other musicians. Bernard once said that New Order split up in the early 90s because he couldn't stand the way that after eating a packet of Wotsits Hooky licked each of his fingers clean. You got the feeling Bernard was totally serious. In a way I wish all this had happened before that awful last album, which included a song with a Scissor Sister. FFS- These are the people who wrote Ceremony and Everything's Gone Green and Age Of Consent and Temptation and Love Vigilantes and True Faith and Regret.

This is Skullcrusher, from the soundtrack to a 1987 film called Salvation, which also gave us Touched By The Hand Of God. Which was typical New Order. Write one of the greatest songs of that year and stick it on the soundtrack of a dodgy film.


davyh said...

This is a bit like when you read someone's died and think - I thought he died years ago, tbh.

swiss adam said...

Mmmm know what you mean.

drew said...

it is sad but in truth they stopped being relevant a long time ago in my eyes which does not diminish what they were when they wrote Bizarre Love Triangle the record(i had in there possibly, which on reflection was wrong) that makes me smile more than any other .