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Monday, 4 July 2011

Let's Call Flash Gordon

Much under-rated and way ahead of the times were Manchester's New Fast Automatic Daffodils. They benefited from the Madchester hype and feeding frenzy but it didn't translate into sales. I saw them live several times including one at Liverpool University where each Saturday a 'secret' band would perform for half an hour in the Union building. A screen would rise up to reveal the band, they got half an hour and then the screen dropped down. It was never much a secret who the band were, word being leaked to ensure people turned up I suppose. Paris Angels played there one time, frightening the student crowd, and also The Wedding Present, David Gedge in his soon to be trademark shorts after deciding gigging in jeans was too sweaty. It was very warm in there.

This is Fishes Eyes, a bass heavy groove with jagged guitar and sax, and Andy Spearpoint's obtuse lyrics. They had a song which I swear part of the lyric went 'let's call Flash Gordon' but it's not this one. Big maybe? Or Get Better? I can't remember. Maybe I imagined it.


Mr A.N. said...

I too saw them several times (at least once must have been with you). In London the dancing was so frenzied that I had to keep balance by holding onto the stage. The bassist took great delight in stamping up and down on my hand all the way through one song. I had some trouble getting home that evening as I couldn't get my mangled hand into my pocket to get my tube ticket out. Great days.

swiss adam said...

Ha. But what about Flash Gordon?

hterepka said...

These guys are awesome - I love the album Pigeonhole that this track comes off of. They definitely had the funky rhythms, and the vox are odd or 'off' in a way that really keeps things interesting for me.

I really like the production on Pigeonhole too - some of their later albums seem heavier and "rockier" to me, whereas Pigeonhole has cool, percussive featherweight arrangements. The tape delay guitar lines at the end of the song you posted are awesome

Simon said...

Man, Paris Angels...I always forget about them. I loved their singles.

*Heads off to Google to do some searching.*

swiss adam said...

I posted some Paris Angels Perfume single ages ago Simon.