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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Oh You've Got Green Eyes

Jon Auer is one of The Posies, who play power pop. I think I know what power pop is without being able to describe it. I don't know much about The Posies either, other than that Prestwich Stuart put a song of theirs on a tape he did for me years ago, the chorus of which went 'It's a different door to another dimension' (or something like that) and I really liked it. Another band that I never delved any further into, despite the internet. Here, Jon Auer does a very lovely acoustic cover version of Green Eyes, a Flip Your Wig era Husker Du song written by Bagging Area favourite Grant Hart. It's worth bearing in mind that given Grant's sexuality this song is probably sung by a man to a man. Which gives it a different slant somehow.

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