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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

One Night Stand

Can't believe I've not posted anything by The Aloof before. This remix is a stunner- Ashley Beedle's thirteen minute take on their One Night Stand from 1996. The instrumentation (dramatic and sweeping strings, tabla, the kitchen sink) is good enough on it's own but taken with singer Ricky Barrow's extraordinary voice (and self loathing of the one night stand) it's almost too much for one record to contain. The Aloof contained two Sabres Of Paradise and one Red Snapper (which sounds a bit like an alternative, clubby version of the twelve days of Christmas).

One Night Stand (The Long Night and The Samba)


Simon said...

I never really connected with the Aloof. Liked them well enough, but not as much as the bands they came from. Ricky's album with Luke Slater from about 2002, Alright On Top though is one of my favourite vocals and electronic albums ever. Love that.

Swiss Adam said...

I know what you mean. This track is ace though.

drew said...

Loved most of the stuff they did, this is up there but Never Get Out The Boat is my favorite