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Friday, 13 January 2012

You Got Me Going

I've just realised I've stumbled into a series of themed posts this week, featuring mainly bands that have the definite article before their name- The La's, The Stairs, The Aloof, The Ramrods, The Wake. It's heck of a concept for a series isn't it? Today's 'The' band is The Chi-lites, and a girl who's got them going stoned out of their minds. I first heard this song covered by The Jam, a version I really like, but you can hear Bruce and Rick huffing a bit as they struggle with Paul's newfound love of soul. This is the original.

Stoned Out Of My Mind

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adam said...

They're very coverable - I've got a 12" single of theirs (which I'm sure was a DJ's reissue from the late 70s or so, probably stolen from my uncle) with 'Too Good To Be Forgotten' and 'Have You Seen Her on it. The first is lovely - the second I can pass on. This is more than lovely, of course.