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Thursday, 5 January 2012


Also from Mr Weatherall's 6 Mix show the other night, Haysi Fantayzee's seven minute dub-pop song The Sabres Of Paradise, from 1982. Haysi Fantayzee are best known for the A-side hit John Wayne Is Big Leggy (which coincidentally I was talking to someone about on New Year's Eve. You can't say I don't know how to have fun at an NYE party) and for one half of them being Jeremy Healy, 90s club dj and 'face' (and several other less complimentary words according to a friend of mine). Healy took the phrase Sabres Of Paradise from a novel about Cossacks by Lesley Blanche, which a different friend gave me a copy of about fifteen years ago, which I still haven't read. Weatherall took the name from the record, and the book, for a group and a record label. Got all of that?

Top song by the way.

The Sabres Of Paradise


Anonymous said...

I never knew this.


Simon said...

I love this single, one of my faves from 1982, which is a bloody good year for the 7" in my mind. 30 years ago....

The b-side sounds surprisingly fresh, and actually quite Weatherall. It reminds me of the Scream's Screamadelica track itself and Flowered Up's Weekender. Dunno why. Just does.

Swiss Adam said...

It was new to me as well Ctel.
Simon- yer right it does sound v Weatherally. The 'sabres of paradise' vocal refrain reminds me of the Orb's Perpetual Dawn.