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Monday 18 February 2013

Caving In

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have a new album out today- Push the Sky Away- with the sleeve featuring Nick (clothed) and his wife (naked), something I may suggest to Mrs Swiss should the third Swiss Guards album ever get finished. I have conflicted feelings about Nick Cave- some of his stuff is superb, but there are very few albums he's made I want to listen to all the way through and his piano ballads do next to nothing for me. There are people I know who rate him highly and people who cannot stand him. From recent times the last Bad Seeds album (Dig, Lazarus, Dig) and the first Grinderman lp both had a few songs I'd take with me anywhere but some I suspect I'll never listen to again. The same goes for the rest of his back catalogue, all the way back really. So reading the reviews for the new one makes me want to hear some of it, knowing there'll be two or three that I'll love, but I don't want to stream it and then just buy a couple of songs digitally. Seems wrong somehow even if it makes financial sense. I should really get the vinyl or the cd. Twenty-first century problems eh?

This is an out-and-out classic.

The Mercy Seat (Video Mix)


drew said...

I know what you mean SA.

As far as your dilema is concerned, I have taken the decision that I have to at least really like most of something to buy it on vinyl now as the price now means that I can't afford to shell out upwards of fifteen quid for something that is merely ok.

Cynical Farmer said...

Most people I know love his earlier stuff. I think he went all pinao-ballady once he realised we love him so much we'd buy the album even if it was just hitting tins with sticks.

Yeah, the piano ballads do nothing for me either, but as I have discussed with other fans, the buying of the new ablum and the discussion thereof is a ritual, a time honoured tradition for all Cave Fans.

Echorich said...

Have to agree that Nick Cave has always been a great subject for a playlist rather than putting an entire album on my ipod/iphone.

Swiss Adam said...

It mucks with my head a bit that I write this stuff in NW England and by the end of the day here/morning after, Cynical Farmer has commented from Australia and Echorich from the US.