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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunshine Underground

Back to work. Harrumph.

I spent some of last week listening to The Chemical Brothers 1999 album Surrender while driving here and there in the car. Dance music can date easily, especially dance music from fourteen years ago- drum sounds, pre-sets, software- all can often quickly sound like that year. On reflection I didn't think Surrender had dated much at all, and in some ways I was never a massive Chemical Brothers fan, but there are some belters on it (if we ignore Noel Gallagher's umpteenth attempt to re-write Tomorrow Never Knows and the still a little over-familiar Hey Boy, Hey Girl). The guest spots work - Bernard Sumner, Hope Sandoval, Jonathan Donahue from Mercury Rev, the co-write with Missy Elliott- sounding like songs actually written together and not just guest vocal moments. This song is eight and a half minutes of 60s psychedelia crossed with 90s dance mayhem, building with several arms-in-the-air moments and though it may be Private Psychedelic Reel part 2 it is still a blindingly good track.

The Sunshine Underground


Simon said...

At some point this took over in my list of top Chems moments from Reel. I think it's a better tune, and it also stuck in my head in a really big way, when after a night out - big night out - I was on my way to work.

This was on the headphones as I went up an escalator out of the tube to a bright sunny morning, with sunlight flashing off every surface of every building in Canary Wharf. It was one of those lazily euphoric moments when actually you should be in bed.

Swiss Adam said...

But then you'd have missed the moment. Sometimes its worth being up.

h said...

in Morrisons Exit Planet Dust £2. Couldn't leave it. Sounded great for a couple of journeys to work but ultimately a liddle bit boring.