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Friday 22 February 2013

Some Fast Food Fanatic Was Burning Down A Burger Van

The last time we heard Joe Strummer's motorcycle engine revving guitar was on this song, from his final, posthumous album Streetcore- celebrating the Glastonbury festival ('I was crawling through a festival way out west... through all the stages I wandered') and his daughter (the coma girl). Celebration and tears and Joe's unique style.

'The oil drums were beating out
Du lang, du lang'

Coma Girl


Tedloaf said...

Clearly I'll be shot down for this but Streetcore is my favourite Strummer album including all of the Clash albums.

Simon said...

Really? I've never quite gotten into Streetcore, maybe cos it was too sad. But the album before Global A Go Go that is one of my top Strummer connected things for sure. London Calling and the first Clash album, the opening 3 tracks on Give Em Enough Rope, Global A Go Go (especially Johnny Appleseed) and the 2nd Big Audio Dynamite Album. Those are my favourite Strummers. Oh and Complete Control. I love that single.

Swiss Adam said...

I think Global A Go Go is the better album than Streetcore. Like a lot of Art, Rock and X Ray Style too. A comp from those 3 would be a winner.

Echorich said...

I'm glad there are so many Strummer fans out in the blogosphere. He was sorely misunderstood and underappreciated after 1983.
I had a few very special interactions with The Man from the mid 80's to the early 90's and was privileged to have been in the studio in NYC once to watch him work through new material. He was The Clash's conscience and a spokesman, however unwilling for a music generation.