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Sunday 10 February 2013


I used to have a pair of dungarees. In fact, if memory serves, I wore them to Spike Island. With a Brazil football shirt. No photos exist you'll be pleased to hear. A danger with dungarees was the straps coming undone when sitting down- as happened to me when getting ready to get off a bus. The whole bottom deck nearly saw me with my dungarees round my ankles.

For no particular reason (and I wouldn't imagine they were ever dungaree wearers, certainly not after toddlerhood), here are The Pastels.

Baby Honey


Walter said...

Also remember the times when it was hip to wear dunagrees but tank good they're over. Btw I like the see the pictures of Mike Disfarmer. Most of his photographs telling stories when you look in the eyes of the people - impressiv

drew said...

I had a few pairs of dungarees being a scooterist. I rember getting pissed off when acid teds started wearing them as the price sky rocketed in Flip for second hand ones.

hsd said...


Anonymous said...

this acid ted never wore 'em.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm surprised Ctel.

Swiss Adam said...

Think Marriott had let himself go by this point H.