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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Redheads Feel More Pain

Gentlemen prefer blondes I know, but do redheads feel more pain? Answers on a postcard please.

My favourite nu-discoists Glass Candy put a new song up on Youtube, which is what often counts as a release now. It went up on August 5th, while we were on holiday, and was also our 18th wedding anniversary. Mrs Swiss and I had a romantic meal for four at the campsite restaurant. The song's a slow burner, not up there with Warm In The Winter but very good all the same. I seem to be hammering this kind of summery, spacey, housey-disco, kind of thing at the moment. What happened to the guitars?

Warm In The Winter


londonlee said...

Did you get the After Dark 2 comp yet? Free download!


Swiss Adam said...

Oooh, no I didn't. Ta LL. Will go and get one.

charity chic said...

Redheads feel more pain - thought this may be a reference to regular contributor George and his broken foot!