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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday Night Live

The Clash, live and red, red hot in Paris in February 1980. Jimmy Jazz, London Calling, Protex Blue, Train In Vain. As good as it gets.

Part Two? Koka Kola, I Fought The Law, Spanish Bombs, Wrong 'Em Boyo, Stay Free.

Still here? Part three- Janie Jones, Complete Control, Garageland, Tommy Gun.

'Tres bien mes amies. Fucking tres bien'.


dickvandyke said...

Thanks for everything Adam

Swiss Adam said...

My pleasure. Tomorrow's post will attempt to drum up some support for your cause.

davyh said...

By 'eck I enjoyed that: it was the musical equivalent of a big walk on a wind-blasted headland, thank you x

londonlee said...

I saw them on that tour at the Lyceum. They opened with Safe European Home and Clash City Rockers but the rest as I remember was pretty much as it is in these videos.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm jealous Lee.

From what I've discovered the gig had to be stopped early on due to some fisticuffs in the crowd, so they probably opened up with those two they just didn't get filmed.

londonlee said...

Support was The Nips (Shane McGowan!), Mikey Dread, and Joe Ely.

Got your money's worth in them days.