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Thursday, 15 August 2013

You're From The Seventies

So yes, after getting through yesterday, the holiday was great- the French Alps are beautiful- the picture above shows the view we woke up to each morning from our tent. Lac d'Annecy is stunning, as you can see from this picture I took from the top of Col de la Forclaz...

We swam, we sunbathed, we cycled the length of it (some of us), we drank the wine and the red/white Kronenbourg, we ate the cheese and the baguettes, we shopped at Carrefore and wandered round Annecy's old town. I had plans to go to Italy for a day and see Mont Blanc up close but some days we didn't get any further than the campsite pool. And most days it was 33c so why bother? Next time eh?

This was song of the holiday. Having driven 600km down the autoroutes to get there and shared the stereo with the daughter I can report that Now!85 is vastly more tolerable than Now!82 (which I suffered last summer). In fact I sit here as a self confessed Get Lucky fan, a partial Blurred Lines fan and a Selina Gomez convert. But each night the activity tent blared out the Icona Pop song I Don't Care- a pile-driving Euro-techno hymn to irresponsibility, good times and youth; although frankly driving your car into  a bridge and watching it burn does no-one's insurance premiums any good and the whole bit about him being from the seventies and her being a nineties' bitch is seedy to say the least. But maybe I'm overanalysing it. It is at the very least a fantastic pop song.

Off into work now- A level results come out today (too early I feel, the 15th, should be later in the month).

PS- just noticed that this is my 1800th post. 1800- lunacy.


davyh said...

What a sprightly post: those vacances sound wonderful.

We're off to Zummerzet next week, which is not nearly as exciting or as likely to afford us 33C days, but is at least a quicker drive.

I have gone from liking some of the Daft Punk album to thinking the whole thing is brilliant, and best played all the way through like we used to do with LPs back in ver day x

Swiss Adam said...

Haven't heard the whole lp, just the single. I tried to write a sprightly post after the week we've been having. The drive was verrry long- but worth it.

Swiss Adam said...

Davy- hope you're feeling better after your 'turn' the other week (only just caught up with the blogs today).

davyh said...

Yes, all fine, ta.

davyh said...

PS: As I hope you worked out, I hadn't read down the page when I left the comment on this post.

So sorry to hear about your friend.

londonlee said...

Buy the Charli XCX album instead.