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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Speed Of Dark

Mr Weatherall's been very busy recently, remixes pouring out hither and thither- another newbie can be found here. It's a ten minute spacey job of Iceland's Emiliana Torrini (and there's a free download button too). Mid-tempo, chuggy, synth workout that goes on and on and on.

Picture spot- Raymond Poulidor, the best rider never to win the Tour de France. Eternally second.


Anto said...

surely the man you have in the photo is Sean Kelly, he of the unreal descent and drabbest Autobiog ever (just finished it over the hols, very poor). but he was a bastard on the downhill and only for the lack of real climbing ability would have one more of the Grnad Tours (or twoers as he would say).
Your holiday sounded great.

drew said...

You going for the record for the most posts in one day SA?

Swiss Adam said...

Been at a bit of a loose end this afternoon Drew, so have spent time/wasted time on internet- catching up with what all you lot have been posting for one, spewing out blog posts for two.