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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All We Need Is A Drummer

Sometimes we all need a bit of boom-shackalackalack boom-shackalackalack in our lives and Sly Stone is just the man. In this live performance on Soul Train Sly spends a few minutes meeting his adoring fanbase, with Japanese subtitles, and then leads the band through Dance To the Music with a detour into I Want To Take You Higher.

Fact- I first bought a Sly Stone record because they were mentioned in relation to The Stone Roses, in an NME article. Fact- neither band sound remotely like each other.

Here's the studio version, audio only. Life affirming and all that, from 1968 and before the drugs, paranoia and disillusionment with the hippy dream set in.

That drum break's been recycled a few times.


george said...

now THAT is a great outfit. Unfortunately I will not be allowed to buy something similar in my quest to be the coolest man in our town

Anonymous said...

You wear what you like George, don't let anybody hold you back.
Swiss Adam

hterepka said...

bought my first Sly record after Bobby Gillespie mentioned him in an interview. Can still remember the first time I popped There's A Riot Going On into the CD player on a rental car in Las Vegas - drove around that weird town getting my mind blown