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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bodysnatcher Ska

One of the definitive aspects of the ska revival. and this was as obvious to twelve year olds as anyone, was the line ups consisted of black and white and men and women. Smartly dressed, short hair, accessible, fom the street- these were not hoary old, long haired, male rock stars. Dig the new breed.

The Bodysnatchers were formed in the wake of seeing The Specials, an all female group. Many of the band were novices and, unable to play ska at the speed required, slowed it down to a rocksteady tempo. They released two singles on 2 Tone. Singer Rhoda Dakar later sang with The Special AKA and still tours today, playing ska. Let's Do Rocksteady was their first single, a cover of a Dandy Livingstone tune.

Let's Do Rocksteady

Please note- I do  not own this signed photo, I found it on the internet.
Also, I've just realised I posted this song back in 2012. Ska revival revival.


charity chic said...

A song worth posting at least twice Adam

The Swede said...

I agree with CC - great stuff!

Echorich said...

Keep it coming SA! I got out my black and white Shelly's Creepers and wore them to work today out of inspiration...If only I had a line on some...I could sell at least 10 pairs tomorrow to co-workers...

Swiss Adam said...

That's brilliant Echorich.