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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ska Selection

More ska revival today this time with Coventry's other 2 Tone band The Selector. Pauline Black still tours a version of the band (again like with The Beat for a while there were two reformed Selectors were on the road, the other led by songwriter Neol Davies. Pauline won the right to the name). Pauline wrote a very well received autobiography recently but I haven't read it. This song is the only one on the hard drive currently, all the way from 1979.

Too Much Pressure

On My Radio is my favourite of theirs, three minutes of utter delight with a ton of hooks and totally infectious. There are so many great TV appearances and videos of all these bands from this time. They understood the power of image and audience identification with it.

'I bought my baby a red radio...'


The Swede said...

Excellent. 'Celebrate the Bullet' is a very good LP too.

Scott said...

The book is well worth reading SA. Such a great band, saw them last year and still great live..

Brian said...

Those first two albums should be compulsory listening, and Too Much Pressure is one of the best album covers ever. Love the clip you present today, Adam.

charity chic said...

I'm with Scott SA - the book is excellent