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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Morning Radio

Weatherall returned to NTS radio last week with a particularly good two hour session. There's some belting drone rock in the first half from the likes of Moon Duo and some kosmiche and reggae chucked in for good measure. Laid back and groovy.


drew said...

Got the new Moon Duo album the other week, it's very good.

The Swede said...

OK, so that was simultaneously the most enjoyable and expensive couple of hours I've spent on a Sunday for a very long time. While listening I purchased two albums and a single that were featured on the show, am still trying to track down the I:Cube tune and have added Michael Chapman's 'Polar Bear' and The Fireflies to my list of things to look out for in the future.
A fabulous show Swiss Adam, thanks for sharing.

Swiss Adam said...

Its dangerous on the Internet. Be careful out there. But glad you enjoyed it. And I'm really enjoying the Moon Duo album too Drew.

Walter said...

Thank you Adam for this.I am following Mr. Weatherall on NTS as well. Made me feel relax and save while I listened to it. And the Moon Duo is fantastic.