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Friday, 21 August 2015


It's Friday, so as Drew would have it, let's dance.

One of the many dance records Factory passed up on in the late 80s that Mike Pickering then put out on DeConstruction was his own T-Coy track Carino (posted yesterday). They also passed up Voodoo Ray and Ride On Time. Another was Dream 17 by Annette, mentioned by Drew himself in the comments yesterday. Dream 17 is a massive, forward thinking house record with a superb melodic bassline, the 303 in full effect and a vocal giving it soul. It was actually made by Pickering and Simon Topping plus two others using the Annette alias. Carino, Dream 17 and Voodoo Ray were all compiled on the seminal (oops, I used the seminal word) compilation North- The Sound Of The Dance Underground, which had an equally memorable cover (from Manchester's Central Station Design)- goodbye to the grey and the indie, welcome to technicolour house.

Dream 17

There was also a Derrick May remix. Nearly as good as the original.


drew said...

I pulled out the Derrick May remix of this last night strangely enough

Echorich said...

When I was commenting on Carino, The North compilation immediately came to my mind. It's a great set! It's of course mostly a Mike Pickering/T-Coy set with the Master producing 6 of the 8 tracks. DCB's House Fantaz-ee is one of my favorites. It's a Splice and Sample/Balearic/Acid/Piano House stomper!

Swiss Adam said...

It's a belter of an album isn't it. Not a duff track on it. And Voodoo Ray which may well be the best British house track. Ever.

Michael Doherty said...

The cover always make me immediately think it's "Bummed." I think, Swiss Adam, that it is the best ever British house track. It just stands out there on it's own, with nothing like it. Must go and listen to it now!

Anonymous said...

I'd make a strong shout for Voodoo Ray for that accolade Michael. But it is a superb record.
Swiss Adam