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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This is the beach at St Annes on the Fylde coast. We had a few days camping in a wooden pod up near Southport. Very nice it was too, lovely sunny weather- the sun even shone in Blackpool, not something I've ever experienced before. We had vouchers for Blackpool zoo. I know some people are very anti-zoos and Blackpool zoo used to be pretty grim but they've spent a lot of money doing it up and it's a good day out with (or without) kids. The only gorillas in the north of England including a very large silverback. As well as the elephant, giraffes and big cats they've got a small pack of wolves and some animals you don't often notice in a zoo- aardvarks, anteaters and tapirs. Inland there are some beautiful parts of Lancashire, between Preston and the coast at Southport. Many people speed north, on their way to Blackpool or further to the Lakes and Scotland, missing it.

In a petrol station I heard Hideaway by De'Lacey, a monumental tune from the mid 90s- that shoo-dum thump of the drums and Rainie Lassiter's vocal can move any dancefloor. For a moment I thought I was going to turn into the cycle courier from Spaced and start dancing there and then, in among the canned fizzy drinks and barbeque charcoal. But I thought better of it sadly.

Hideaway (Extended Deep Dish Remix)


drew said...

I remember spending a happy two weeks in St Anne's as a kid only marred by the bollocking my dad got from my mum due to him turning the strawberry tarts he was carrying into mush. Strange the things you remember

thewalker said...

"Tyres" from Spaced, nice description. It really is quite the catchy number.

anto said...

what a favourite and as the walker says, your linkage to tyres is most apt