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Monday, 1 February 2016

Apne Slusa

Scandinavia has been producing some very good house and electronic music for some time now- classy stuff with a smidgeon of disco, warm electronics, chuggy basslines, pitter-pattering drums, a gentle slow motion throb. I've written several times about Paresse (from Stockholm) whose sound I love and who makes very evocative balm for the ears and brain. Norwegian DJ and producer Prins Thomas has been doing his thing for well over a decade, honing his sound, always inventive, precise and absorbing. This long but never dull track came out in 2014 and is here today to welcome in February. I think everyone's glad to see the back of January 2016.

Apne Slusa (Lang Versjon)


drew said...

I have a rather excellent lengthy remix by Prins Thomas of an Idjut Brothers tune.

Swiss Adam said...

Get it posted.

Anonymous said...

That's rather good. Prins Thomas does some good stuff.