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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Not The Same

More new stuff- new stuff is a good thing. My internet friend Henry has sent me a new song from his group. Zula are part of a thriving DIY scene in New York and this is my favourite from them to date. Busy, melodic, expansive and effortless. The guitars shimmer over layers of keys and vocals, which build and fall and build again.


The Swede said...

The inventive drum pattern lifts this tune immeasurably, giving it an urgency where it might otherwise have come across as a little more run of the mill. Good stuff. Nice one Henry! (is he the drummer in question?)

Walter said...

As The Swede said a good stuff. I like this song and will investigate for more. I'm still impressed about your yesterday post and feel ashamed about what happened to handicapped people. Over in Germany you get a free ride in every public means of transportation if you got a severely handicapped pass. It depends on the degree of your personal handicap. Keep on fighting for your son, Adam.

Echorich said...

Expansive, that's a great description SA! There's also a depth that reveals itself each time I listen to it.