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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sing Michael Sing

If anyone missed it my contribution to JC's Imaginary Compilation Album series appeared at The Vinyl Villain earlier this week, ten songs and a bonus track that make up my Big Audio Dynamite compilation. You can read it and listen to the songs here if you want to. It led me to thinking about a Mick Jones Clash ten track compilation and then also a Mick Jones career one. The Clash one would have to be songs Mick sung and could look something like this...

Side 1. The Prisoner//Jail Guitar Doors//Stay Free//Gates Of The West//Lost In The Supermarket

Side 2. Train In Vain//Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)//Police On My Back//Somebody Got Murdered//Innoculated City

That means leaving out Protex Blue, I'm Not Down, Hitsville UK and Should I Stay Or Should I Go. I'm open to suggestions- and could easily change my mind tomorrow.

A career spanning compilation would need side 1 to be entirely by The Clash and side 2 B.A.D. and beyond I think.

Side 1. The Clash Jail Guitar Doors//Gates Of The West//Train In Vain//Lost In The Supermarket//Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)

Side 2. B.A.D. Medicine Show//B.A.D. V Thirteen// B.A.D. Contact//Carbon/Silicon Why Do Men Fight?//Carbon/Silicon Big Surprise.

I could take off a C/S song and put another B.A.D. one on quite easily. If you don't know Mick's work with Carbon/Silicon there's a ton of stuff out there, much of it freely available. Why Do Men Fight? was a rollicking guitar tune. Big Surprise sounds like the beginnings of a solo project, a man looking back, misty eyed. It's also a gorgeous little tune.


The Swede said...

I enjoyed your BAD imaginary compilation immensely Adam, but an entire Mick Jones career overview in 10 tracks? Now you're asking something. 'Big Surprise' would make my cut for certain, as would BAD's version of 'City Lights', beyond that....well, I'd have to think very carefully about the remaining eight.

Simon said...

See Protex Blue would have to be on mine and I'm Not Down. Bloody hell I love those two.

From the BAD days, the full length version of Bottom Line, plus the other two singles, Medicine and E=; and I couldn't miss out on Beyond The Pale, which may just be my favourite Strummer/Jones song of all time. I'd have to put Rush on one of these comps then, cos that one...rushes like a bastard.

C said...

What a great idea!
Mine would have to include 1-2 Crush on you for highly sentimental girly reasons, it was the 'mystery track' that Mr SDS put on his very first tape comp for me... and it was before we were going out together...so you can imagine the effect it had on me. Plus he looked unnervingly like MJ back then as well!

Echorich said...

The BAD compilation was really spot on SA. Your Clash compilation featuring Mick is again, exactly what I would choose.

Swiss Adam said...

C- Your reasons for putting 1-2 Crush On You are entirely sensible. We've all made tapes for girls.

Dubrobots said...

I really don't think I could do a BAD compilation, it would have to be a triple album at least. I have made a similar Mick's Clash playlist before though