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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Something Important Is About To Happen

Between 1992 and 1994 I shared a flat with a friend. We both bought records and for reasons of limited finances and common sense he bought some records and I bought others. This meant that when we went our separate ways I was short of a lot of records from that period which I knew very well but now didn't have, some of which I filled in and some I never got around to. Years later I went to my collection looking for Debut by Bjork- and didn't have it.

Big Time Sensuality is one of my favourite songs from the time- the throb of the bass, the rush of the synths, the sheer giddiness of the vocals- and a fantastically memorable video too. It also perfectly illustrates why Bjork went solo. Would this song have been improved by Einar shouting over it intermittently? It would not.

The version of the song that soundtracked the video single release was the Fluke mix, more clubby. The album version is here if you want to compare and contrast. And this is one of Justin Robertson's thumping, arms-in-the-air remixes.

Big Time Sensuality (Justin Robertson Lionrock Wigout Mix)


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

In the 90's I was well into Bjork.
I bought everything and went to see her multiple times. Bjork owned the 90's.

The Fluke mix still sounds great.

Brian said...

That first solo album was really good.

davyh said...

Ha! I also did not buy many famous records for this reason! 'Are you getting that then? Oh great, can I tape it?' It killed music, you know.

I bloody love Bjork, even when I don't like her records.

Echorich said...

Sometimes Justin Robertson finds a vibe, a beat, a rhythm and the result is sheer brilliance. That's what we have here. It's big and filmic. Heard in a club, you feel like your floating above the dancefloor.

Anonymous said...

Loving Bjork even when you don't love all of her records is part of the deal I think
Swiss Adam

acidted said...

"Would this song have been improved by Einar shouting over it intermittently? It would not." Arf