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Friday, 29 April 2016

And The Question Is Answered

This is an updated version of Big Hard Excellent Fish's Imperfect List from a couple of years ago. The original came from the combined talents of Pete Wylie, Robin Guthrie and Josie Jones (and on the 1990 version Andrew Weatherall). The original list had range of targets from the late 80s and the re-worked list brings things up to date while also showing how little has changed.

Both versions mention Hillsborough. The justice the families of the 96 have been finally been given this week is truly right and proper. It also sadly confirms what many of us have known all along- that football fans in the late 80s were treated worse than cattle and seen as scum, that we were despised by an establishment that was engaged in something that was tantamount to class war and governed by a lying and corrupt government that colluded with a lying tabloid press that actually hated its readers, and that events were manipulated and covered up by at least one, probably two, corrupt police forces.

In 1989 I lived in Liverpool while at Liverpool University. I shared a house with a friend who was at Hillsborough, not the Leppings Lane End but another part of the ground. He returned home with both parts of his ticket- no one checked him into the ground. The Saturday after the disaster we were in Liverpool city centre. At six minutes past three the city centre stopped in absolute silence. Nothing moved and nobody spoke. It was one of the most moving, emotional minutes I've witnessed. As a Man United fan I've always felt deeply ashamed by the songs some of 'our' idiots sing and the heart of the matter is while it happened to be Liverpool fans who were unlawfully killed at Hillsborough in 1989, it could have been any of us, at another match, in another ground. Yes- this is justice for the 96 and for their families. But it is also justice for all of us.

Remember- don't buy The Sun.


charity chic said...

An excellent piece Adam - spot on
I was in a pub in Glasgow after a game with a pal who stayed in Sheffeild at the time when the news broke
He had friends at the game but they were all safe
A scandal that it took 27 years and that South Yorkshire Police were lying to the bitter end

Echorich said...

Rest In Peace to the 96.
Rest In Peace to the wonderful Josie Jones.

Brian said...

Sometimes justice can test patience... 27 years is an awfully long time. I hope the latest helps the friends and families of the 96.

drew said...

South Yorkshire Police have a lot to answer for.

drew said...

And fucking Kelvin McKenzie is beyond contempt

Walter said...

Great words. It is a shame that it took so many years to see that the police lied. As Echorich said - Rest in Peace to the 96