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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bay Watch

It's still the Easter holidays here and while I'm back to school on Monday my kids have another week off. I'm dragging the holiday feel out while I can before commuting and targets and suit and tie take over again. The picture shows Cayton Bay, a beautiful beach just south of Scarborough. We popped down at sunset a couple of nights ago. There was even someone surfing. And an abandoned pill box, ready to repel Nazi invaders from across the North Sea in the 1940s, redecorated recently by local youth.

So beaches, tides coming in, Eastertime, my recent posts of early-to-mid 90s dance music... all lead to A Man Called Adam. I've posted some of their stuff before- Barefoot In the Head, CPI, Estelle- and this is another one to add to their list of top moments.

Easter Song


The Swede said...

Nice shots Adam. Good tune too.

drew said...

This is one of my favourite AMCA tunes