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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


French duo The Liminanas are back with a new album- Malamore. The single Garden Of Love, with Peter Hook's bass playing, has already attracted quite a bit of positive attention- quite right too. The rest of the album lives up to it, Lionel and Marie using the starting point of French 60s pop (Serge, Ye-Ye, Francois Hardy) and adding some Velvets shade and some psychedelia light. Organ, fuzz guitar, rattling drums, breathy vox. Probably the best Franco-beatnik album you'll hear this year.

This live performance for Figaro TV of Russian Roulette rattles and thrums and buzzes.


Walter said...

I love their music, SA and I am looking forward to their new album. Until then I listen to their collaboration with Pascal Comelade 'Traité des guitarres trolectiques'.

londonlee said...

Me like