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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Elle Et Moi

Sean Young and Rutger Hauer on the set of Bladerunner taking a replicant Polaroid selfie, circa 1982.

I'm A Cliche is the brainchild of French dj and producer Cosmo Vitelli. It's Edit Service offers up fortnightly remixes, edits and reworkings of all sorts of stuff by various remix types, often under pseudonyms, putting unofficial goodies into the public domain. Well worth a trawl if you've got a few hours on your hands this weekend. This one, Edit 61 from Front De Cadeaux, seems to be a slow mo version of Max Berlin's Elle Et Moi. The thunking piano chords and snaking horn make nine minutes fifty seconds go by in a very pleasant haze. Free download too.


The Swede said...

Kinda spooky.

drew said...

I like that. Was thinking about Bladerunner during the week funnily enough.

Brian said...

As a huge fan of the movie, I find the two of them looking like chums disturbing. Interesting photo though.

Swiss Adam said...

There's definitely something about the picture.