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Monday, 3 October 2016

October Love Song

Amazing- I've posted songs throughout the month of October every year since  2010 and until now never done this one by Chris and Cosey. October (Love Song) was first released on 7" in 1983, followed by a 1986 version and there was an updated one in 2014 too. For two people who were in Throbbing Gristle, unless I'm missing some subtext or other, this is a beautiful little love song with a sweet electronic topline and spoken vocals over drum machine beats.

October (Love Song) '86 Version

There's also a very lo-fi, homemade video which I had never seen before until this weekend.


Walter said...

Good to hear this song again. Too seldom Chris and Cosey find the way on my turntable. But this is something I can change.

JC said...

Never heard this before!

Were they really in Throbbing Gristle? Very reminiscent of Lori & The Chameleons. C